A New Answer

Wincup turns to science and innovation in its drive to ‘Serving a Better Way’, by expanding its portfolio to include the new Vio™ product line. In the beginning of life, EPS Foam has always consumed less energy and emitted fewer greenhouse gases during the manufacturing process than paper and plastic beverage cups. Now, Vio™ gives foam a new end of life.

A Better Way

Vio™ now closes the loop on foam’s environmental story. Vio™ EPS foam cups have the best “end of life” solutions of any commercially produced foam, coated paper, PLA or plastic disposable cups on the market:

·       Recyclable - Vio™ continues to be recyclable in the few
  communities that have the infrastructure to recycle EPS cups

·       Compostable – Using ASTM 5538 aerobic testing, Vio™ has
  passed all compostability requirements including 90% degradation
  composting in 180 days*

·       Biodegradable - Vio™ cups have been found to biodegrade an
  average of 45% in 562 days under conditions that simulate a
  biologically active landfill* using the ASTM D5511-11 test**.

·       Recoverable Energy Vio™ cups can be burned to
  produce energy

Vio™ cups and lids offer “A New Answer, A Better Way”.

* ASTM D5338 tests conducted via an independent laboratory.

** ASTM D5511-11 specifies: This test method also may resemble some conditions in biologically active landfills where the gas generated is recovered and biogas production is actively promoted.

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